c   o   r   p   o    r   a   t   e       a   n   d       e   d   u   c    a   t   i    o   n   a   l       p   u   b   l   i   s   h   i   n   g     


Fruit trees are delicate and need hands-on care, especially when planted in the challenging urban environment. 

In this award-winning book, community orchardist Susan Poizner teaches you everything you need to know to grow fruit trees in the city, from choosing the right tree to pruning, feeding and protecting your tree from pests and disease. 

Thinking of planting a fruit tree? This book will save you time and money and allow you to grow fruit trees successfully, right from the start. 



. . . by encouraging outdoor play. When kids associate the outdoors with fun, gardening is a natural next step.

Kid's gardening includes three elements along with the actual growing:

  • outdoor play
  • outdoor exploring
  • outdoor collecting

The final ingredient is an adult role-model who gardens together with them.


DESTRUCTIVE AGENDAS  is more than just another tale of sex, drugs and corruption. It is a tongue-in-cheek exposé of our legal, immigration and welfare systems and offers a front-row seat to the disasters fueled by a lust for power, fame, wealth and self-preservation. Most importantly, it reassures readers that caring, compassionate individuals don’t always finish last.

From the sterile world of the pharmacy counter to the seedy underground drug trade, Rupert P. Cosgrove is headed on a wild ride where destructive agendas rule.  

Brian Footitt’s debut novel begins when Rupert refuses to fill a narcotic prescription for Benjamin Federko. A confrontation ensues, leaving Benny in the intensive care unit and Rupert in the slammer. What follows is a satirical journey through a minefield of legal, judicial, political and personal agendas. Lawyers work to settle old scores, a crusty retired General steps in as a witness and an underworld kingpin provides unexpected attention. Rupert engages the services of his newly formed friendships, both inside and outside of prison, with a drug enforcer watching out for the fifty-seven-year-old unaccustomed to life behind bars.

$16 interFACE/More than just a personal Journal

This is an unrevolutionary yet progressive OFFLINE personal data storage device. So advanced, it allows users to upload data onto pages with a simple ink or lead filled instument that is controlled merely with the power of your mind. 

Does not require batteries or charging /  It is totally wireless with upload speeds paired directly to its user / It will never need rebooting, updating or defragmenting. Studies have shown it also encourages hand writing skills

Developed for the online Social Media addicts of our time, or more specifically, for those who have not yet fully embraced the social changes of todays society.  InterFACE is a humorous compilation of witty observations with tongue-in-cheek instructional commentary.    

Contains : Top 10 Social Media Facts / Quick Response Guide to Online Drivel / Birthdays & special events "Quick Reference Guide" / Address book for "Friends & Other Contacts"... and of course many pages to document life's most important inspirations or creative doodles.

Check back later for many more books coming soon . . . including yours !